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Burma Review and Challenges International Forum (BRACIF)

This is the main and private platform centrally focused on Burma/Myanmar related conference activities and based in Japan. The bracif, as a self-reliant function, was initiated in 2009 with its first conference followed by a second one in 2018. The secretariat of the bracif is stationed at Aichi Gakuin University. 


Asian University Network for Advances in Research (AUNFAIR)

Different individuals with diverse professional backgrounds and expertise belonging to universities in South, Southeast, and East Asia have joined together in their capacities to create this forum. The focal aim of the AUNFAIR is to broaden the soft power of academia's process, progress, and impacts to construct and reconstruct its wider effect by bringing other non-academic groups of media, think tanks, ethnic organizations, civil society organizations, and students in advancing new ideas, concepts, assumptions, and feedback from research towards societal good.



Japan + India, Myanmar, Thailand Conclave (J+IMT)

This project's central aim is to promote research collaborations between the committed individuals and organizations from Japan, India, Myanmar and Thailand voluntarily on the basis of mutual respect, benefit and cross-enabling measures. This network-based J+IMT Conclave strengthens its meaningful existence and value contribution through joint-research activities, publication projects, supervising/guiding postgraduate students for the advancement in their works, and extending its activities to reach the local grounds. 


Euro-Asia Academic Roundtable (EAR)


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