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"Academic diplomacy shall cross all borders to strengthen individuals and communities."



  • The Academic Diplomacy Project is the backbone concept for promoting academic activities benefitting beyond the academia. 

  • The responsible role of academia is not only for promoting awareness and spreading knowledge on the problems and effects but also sharing moral obligation toward respecting humanity and protecting peaceful civilization.

  • The application of the right way of academic diplomacy can guarantee potentially long-term mutual benefits to the local communities and societies in need. 

  • Academic diplomacy can be, both in principle and practice, distinct from official diplomatic and political communication applied by subnational, national and international authorities or elites.


  • The promotion of academic diplomacy to the targeted populations through collaborative functioning of activities including conferences, seminars, workshops, publications and information dissemination, media interaction and consultative community meetings is important. 

  • It is critical to determine new approaches that could be adopted by universities and educational institutions, which have traditionally played a significant role in social transformations and addressing various challenges to humanity. 

  • The fast changing socio-economic boundaries against politico-administrative flexibilities and advances in scientific and technological domains offer both challenges and opportunities for evolving newer pathways for academic diplomacy. 


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